fallenmaples » xoxoxo!
Tia » Hey, just stopping by to say hi! Hope you're having a nice day (:
Tia » Hey, just stopping by to say hi! Hope you're having a nice day (:
wildcrazybeautiful » You still have the blogging mojo!
Dren » OMIGOSH.. you still keep this layout i made you! LOL...
Etz » cool blog, even the layout rather unusual.. Cheers! (lunchbreaker.blogspot.com)
mz » hi
Thompson » lolol
LL » woot ! love the star wars saber light photo x)
farah » haven't been here for a while. layout sama lagi idiosyncrasies sama lagi yay Dian!
ThompC » lepak lepak
TheAprilis » Just stopping by to say hello. Lovely blog.
dashia » yeah.. this coming weekend if you are free.. will give you a call
dania » come to think of you, you're right! let's do some lepak session
dashia » just dropping by..haven't seen u for ages
dania » woooooohooooo!
Emmet Pearl » Dian's back in business!
dania » It's bitter sweet, like life but..something I needed to calm myself at that time
ThompC » oooh Lindt's dark choc mousse.. ain't that a lil sweet in the morning.. XD
dancing in the moonl » A short history of Dancing in the Moonlight
dania » hello stranger
ThompC » It's been a while since I last linger around this site haha!
Shaira » Ehem...
Faiz » YeyYey! new posting!
dania » Fake person? Shock horror! Honestly I haven't updated the link for donkey years Will do so soon!
dania » HHAHAHAHA FAIZ! Don't exaggerate!
One Other » I think u shd drop Ladydin from the list, since that name is now used by some fake person. Link to me!
Faiz Azmi » FINALLY, A POST! Thank God!
dania » hey one other! I think it's been a while any old blogger comes here. To hear from you is a surprise
One Other » I remembered you from days of old... hey girl. how u doin? Any update?
faiz » hey you, bz gila is it? update weh. hehe
Fait Accompli » Hi..Just blog hopping. Nice site.
Melissa » Hey, can you please come check out my blog? I activated it a few days ago and I want people to visit it. If you will it's http://melissacarter.blogdrive.com. Thanks
lackluster » *poke*
Dark Angel Boy » Seem like u r the only one yg still blogging which is good huhuhuuhu..
Armand » Run you may, run you might, I said I'd find you, am I right or am I right? Hahahahahahahaha!
dania » hey hey, things are good. i've always wanted to learn italian..and also cuz i plan to go there too
hooi » heya....how's everything? why italian? for your travels?
Friday » Hi sweetheart. So nice to see you still blogging and especially seeing you so happy. *HUGE hugs*
Shaira » Hi there, pls update my link ya. Thanks
lackluster » dian, if ur interested to know more about THE night (altho maybe u already had FULL review from ur friend ) visit me blog. otherwise, go have some sleep ler =)
dania » haha yeah italian baby! Loving it. Hope you're doing good. Been ages!
Shaira » Uhhh, somebody's going to learn Italian, hehe. What's up?
dania » hello hello
Friday » *hugs*
wan » hi! nice blog
Friday » Valentine's Day hugs for you, sweetheart! XOXOXOXO kisses too
Friday » I LOVE oldies!
Friday » I hope 2008 treats you well. Happy New Year, darlin' heart! *hugs*
iris ixora » Happy New Year 2008....
Friday » Came by to wish you a very merry Christmas, sweetheart! *hugs*
kak iris » Hi Dian..didn't know u have a blog. just found out! Nice blog. Have u got the chance to read about Sofia in my book DAMAI KASIHKU oleh Iris Ixora published by Alaf21...Hugs.
Friday » Thinking about you! *hugs*
neen » nak ice cream pun!
neen » nak ice cream pun!
farahh » diaannn can i link you ?
Dren » I miss you , yeah.. i really do!
Shaira » Well, I'd already informed you my blog movement before, LOL
zhenage » just dropping by - and we must say we love your layout,
zhenage » hey, check out the Zhenage teams website! (its new, RAW) We cover things ranging from animal abuse to fashion and music! - its new, young, and everything we love to share with the world.
hooi » hey...happy long weekend...although there's only one day left. hehe... make the most of it....but seems like you already are... =)
dashia » hey..just drop by to say helo enjoy the weekend
Destiny » http://aggravatingantics.blogdrive.com/
Destiny » hey check out my blog
ivan » hey, how u doing? finally i've time to drop by
Ms. Hyde » just droppin by! nice blog!
dania » yeah just drop me an email daniaryezel@gmail.com. I shall look forward to your mail senorita
Ladydin » to protect my privacy... i am somewhere... will email u later.
dania » well I live behind the zoo, anywhere in KL is fine by me to meet up. Where are you at?
Ladydin » Hey Dania! lets come up with a plan. Where in KL are you? hahaha. i guess i could use a familiar stranger now.
Dark Angel Boy » Heyya..waaaa..u sound happy..good for u mate
dashia » hey.. just drop by to say hello..
Ladydin » Heyyy sweetyyyy!!! MISH YEW TOO! *hugs*
Ah Girl » Can I join you die? Heh.
dania » aww tons and tons of hugs for you Lady for being really sweet
Ladydin » psstt... wanted to leave comments on the 'Wow' entry, but couldnt find the space to hit. lol. anyway, glad u bounce back.
dania » Playing as much of feel good music as I can in this place as loud as possible. All I need are just people to hit the dancefloor
Ladydin » Yo Dania! Have a nice weekend! i'll come back to read later. zzzzz bzzzzz. HAVE FUN AT WORK! remember, stress is only in the mind.
dania » fuwwy in real life is cuter i mean he's irresistable when it comes to hugs!
Ah Girl » Fuwwy? Haiyoh. He's cute though. Swinger makes my day!
leafnation » nice pictures, didn't know you went to so many places while you were in europe
Azmeer » nice thoughts. keep it up.
7oneders » Your header is great. Very nice blog. Thanks for coming down.
Ladydin » Even doofus know how to have fun baby!
dashia » it's been a while since i visited.. just drop by to say hello~ have a nice weekends ahead!!
dania » It'll help if I actually have some sense of rhythm hahaha..now that I don't..I don't think I could come up with moves..ooh..I still could and it'll be one of those doofus dancing moves! Hehe
Ladydin » It's gonna be a long weekend baby! you should get that dancing instructor on the line... better yet, dont get one! do ur own moves!
dania » Yes neen, you're part of the crazy affair too! Hahahahah yeah my camera will be far bulkier now that I decided to get a DSLR. But yes, SNAP! miss ya lots too
dania » hahaha I hope I kick ass alright lady. Weekend was a breeze. As for dancing..err I'll make sure my new dancing instructor will teach me soon (hear that neen?)
neen » i am part of the craziness? aww im so flattered! we SO need new pictures k. seriously. im so bringing my camera nanti when we go out. snap snap snap! miss u!
Ladydin » Have a nice weekend Dania! goin dancin?
Ladydin » Hey Dania. Yeah, im 'self-developing' as usual. Hope u too. did u kick ass lately? haha.
dania » yo! just gimme a ring, i'm sure any food plan sounds good. you know me.
Ah Girl » Oyyy! Jom ber-makan as usual!
dania » Ladydin! Hey you. Gosh it's been long hasn't it? Things are in between lately. But good things will come eventually Hope yours is as good as you want it to be
dania » Man! You are forever disappearing. Yeah I love the beaches in Capetown, how the wind whispers in your ears. Ah, I can just imagine what sort of photos I would be doing when I'm there. Sigh
dania » Hey toi, its always good to have something to look forward to.As much as holidays are a great getaway, I think I'll have to hold on to s'thing more reachable for the time being. NZ's on yeah?
Ladydin » Hi stranger. How u've been?
leafnation » you deserve a break, south africa is the perfect place to take a chill.. especially the beaches, mountains, the seafood and shopping in cape town.. those are the only thing i miss about the place