Entry: Thank You. Sunday, February 14, 2010

Many people in general usually see things in the negative way. Why? Is that a sign of being afraid of changes or just being pessimistic?

I'm tired of trying to keep reaching for the expectation I didn't put for myself and always falling short. Resulting to an even more frustrated and dejected alien. When it has become a habit to feed a soul with all kinds of negativity, it is tiring for a soul to digest and satisfy the hunger that was not one's doing. It is truly tiring, failing one after another.

On a different point of view, that failure is actually an achievement in other people's eyes and the reason why it looks like a failure is because they are not letting the soul grow as oneself by being happy for oneself, confident and thankful.

It's a losing war no matter how one spins it simply because they want the soul to be what they perceive as a success and when it fails, the soul fails.

Please be kind to the souls out there. A person can only take so much of pain. Don't fucking say "You're just weak" by using their weakness and slap to their face because after trying many times and it doesn't work out, it's not the soul. It's just them.

I have realised unconditional love is an invitation to endless of sufferings. Tolerating misbehaviour by others despite the disrespect and rudeness sent out are not meant acceptable acts. It's toxic.

And I have to remind myself that.

It is a good thing I have many good influences out there to keep reminding me that life is what you want it to be and not others want you to do it in their terms.

Please don't kill that soul in you unless it is something you truly want - mind, body and soul.


February 16, 2010   11:34 AM PST
cheers! yeah, sometimes we forgot that we're humans after all.
Miss Aida
February 15, 2010   12:34 PM PST
Here's to more kindness in the world. You're right, cause you never really know which is the straw that will break the camel's back.

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