Entry: Up, Up and Away! Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Michael Buble's Haven't Met You Yet gives me this certain tingle sensation. Always want to make me break into a smile whenever I hear the song. Or at the very least stop myself from whatever I was doing and just enjoy his music.

It's so honest yet witty in his own ways. So true yet so heartbreaking. Positive yet there's a sense of realism. :) All I could do as a listener is love it. Love the words. Love the beats. Just love love I guess?

These are few of the many photos I have that paints my ever so colourful life. December is only 3 weeks to being over. No, 2009 is 3 weeks away from being over and since day 1 I've always wondered, what will happen next? Well everything happened in 2009 from new friendships, new bonds, old memories, renewed dreams, distant thoughts, wonderful experiences, breaking from habits, and loads of smiles & laughters. Everything simply spells out marvelous this time. 2009 is a through and through has not disappoint me one bit. Wild bitch on the loose is more like it this 2009. So how shall I welcome 2010 then? Errr..well I suppose I could just take it one notch higher with it from where 2009 may have stopped (or at least did it's very best) and then make it even better.

Yeah, that resolution to go with the flow this year has been nothing short but that. Every single moment of my life so far. Amazing and insane all at the same time.

3 weeks of still yet to know what the heck is going to blow my mind away and..I'm already excited for January because I've registered myself for Silverfish's creative writing course! So yeah, definitely taking it to a whole new level for 2010.


I don't know why or how or what..but I feel...good.

All those rough patches are even out here and there, just as long as I still have faith in myself, Above and everything I do - things will be a-okay. Things will come together.

I honestly love the people I have around me. I am selective despite the many comments I get about my friendliness and able to get along well with people. I choose to be happy and I suppose it comes out as that even to strangers who don't even know me. Better that than being miserable right?

I don't know, there's just so many millions of ways out there for all of us to make ourselves feel good, be good and do good. All it takes is that step, that step in making efforts to do so. After that, we'll welcome the great feeling that will wash our soul.

Sure, to the outsiders, they may think I look like one who has no sense of direction but in actual fact i do have a direction. What differs is the process of getting to that direction. Rigid is not my style nor is no plans at all works for me. I just have some plans somewhere, a destination more like it and then how I go about it.. well that I'm open for discussion.

Yeah, I suppose I do believe in good things comes to those who wait. And I'm making every effort in getting myself to the place I want. When it comes, I'll embrace the moment. :) I really do like the person I have become today. I really do. I wish I could share this feeling I have in me to everyone. I think..I know how to do that :)

And yeah, I do love love.

And..I also agree with Buble's new song :) Maybe I have met..maybe I haven't. Who knows eh ;)


Miss Aida
January 26, 2010   05:16 PM PST
It's a beautiful song - and so simple. :)

Happy 2010!
December 15, 2009   02:47 PM PST
Hey!! my photo is there!! I'm touched! :)

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